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Dive the third largest barrier reef in the world!

Here are just a few of the dive sites in Key West we love!

Sambos Reef:  A collection of reefs named Eastern, Middle, and Western Sambo, separated by masses of white sands. Depths range from 10 to 50 feet (4 to 15 m).

Joe's Tug: Six Miles south of Key West. Elvis, a resident jewfish, reportedly makes the wreck its home. Depths range from 45 to 65 feet (14 to 20 meters)

joe's tug key west

Sand Key: Seven miles southwest of Key West. Known for first class snorkeling but also great for diving. Depths range from 35 to 75 feet (11 to 23m).

 sand key reef key west
Cayman Salvage: 187" Coast Guard tender 5 miles south of Key West. Average Depth 67 to 93 feet (18 to 28 meters)

Cay Man Wheel, Key West diving

See the Vandenberg page for specific details on this popular Key West diving site!

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